If you have trouble understanding or finding this joke funny, welcome to the cornerstone mindset transformation necessary to become a successful trader.  The market constantly takes you to the limit of your emotions to deactivate your logical mind in order to trigger the wrong emotional behavior, hope, greed, fear, vanity… at exactly the worst moment.

When you are ready to give up, lost all hope or all seems to be falling appart get ready to look for bargains.  When all seems perfect, in harmony and triumphant inflating your ego to proclaim your genious aptitudes get ready to sell or look for short positions.

The market wears you down dragging on over time a deteriorating or a compelling opportunity to the extreme until it forces you to kneel down to accept defeat and then, and only then, will it do what you expected all along while you watch in awe as you now lack the courage to take advantage of the lost opportunity.

The objective is to be in perfect tune with the market cycles and it is absolutely necessary to work on countertrending your most basic human emotions until they become counter second nature and in synch with the masters of the market.

You have to set the hook and not bite the bait.  You have to be the magitian and not the audience.  You have to be the host and not the guest.  Run to the fire and not from the fire.  As a lonesome trader you have to be the flea that jumps, at exactly the right time, on and off the big dogs that control and move the markets.

 Master Flea, May 2021 



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